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1986 - Present

Book Translator

I translated numerous books from English and German into Hebrew and from Hebrew into English for various private clients and publishers, first as a freelancer, often next to another job or being a student and a mother, and since 2011 as fully self-employed.

2009 - present

Author, illustrator and publisher-owner at My Story Pond ( - a self-owned boutique publishing business for children's books, special booklets for teaching music creatively, and more.

I also translate many of my books into English and German and publish them on Amazon, see "Children's Books" to see more.

2021 - 2023

Hebrew Editor and translator for Adam Olam Magazine, Israel.

Next to translating articles from German or English, I do the language editing for the magazine on a regular basis, as a self-employed professional.

2014 - 2019

Hebrew Language editing for Galim Publishing, Tivon, Israel. I edited numerous original books, as well as vowel-punctuating original children's books for this publisher. For many of the books I language-edited there, see my Editing Projects Gallery.

2000 - 2005

Translator (English, German and Hebrew), consular assistant and Ambassador's secretary at the Israeli Embassy in Berne, Switzerland 

In this multi-faceted job I practiced moving fluently between all three languages - Hebrew, German and English, translating  and writing various texts, including consular and legal correspondence, in all 3 languages. 
I also translated official documents such as passports, excerpts from the population registry, Apostille seals, Name change documents from the Ministry of Interior, and more, partly in collaboration with formally recognized translator of the Embassy, Mrs Varda Gutermann.

1994 - 2000

Secretary and editor at Sangero & Schwarz Law Offices in Jerusalem, Israel

Next to being a highly creative secretary and a fast and accurate typist of massive amounts of legal documents, I joined the team who helped publish Dr. Sangero's doctoral dissertation as a book on penal law. I entered all corrections and was instructed by the chief editor of Nevo legal publishing on many "trade secrets" that added more professionality to my publishing-related work and has served me enormously ever since. 


1981 - present

Independent study of the German language, partly with private tuition and lessons, partly in courses abroad, largely self taught during constant work as book translator.

2000 - 2003

Music Course, private school, Switzerland

1994 - 2000

Music academy in Jerusalem and private tuition by a professor of composition, Prof. Zvi Avni, Israel.

1992 - 1994

In-service training as music teacher at the Hollywood Waldorf School in Northern Ireland. Received diplome in teaching music in Waldorf schools.

& Expertise

  • I specialize in book and article translations.

  • I translate diverse materials and subject matters, but have special expertise and experience in translating about art, design, music, education, sociology and related subjects,  literature, children's literature, with special experience in texts related to  Waldorf education, and Anthroposophy.

  • I also have much experience in translating legal and business texts from German and from English, including contracts and various documents.

  • In the business sector, I have experience translating websites and PPT presentations in subjects related to skincare and cosmetics, hair and make-up, as well as various products such as gardening and interior design.

What I don't offer

Usually, I don't translate hand-written documents from either German or English because I find them too hard to read.

Also, I don't take literary or content editing projects. Although I am a published author myself, working with other authors to perfect their writing is not an expertise of mine. 

However, as language editor I work in collaboration with literary editors and can recommend you someone or point you to where you may find a good content/literary editor. I can then complement the work by checking anything language-related in your Hebrew book.

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